The Benefits of

Clinic Based ABA Therapy

The Benefits of

Clinic Based ABA Therapy

When beginning ABA services, you’re faced with many questions to consider and decisions to make. One of those decisions is where you would like your child to receive services. ABA therapy is unique in that it can be provided in multiple locations, including a child’s personal home, a community setting, as well as in clinics or centers. 

One of the things that sets Mosaic apart from other ABA providers is our ability to provide services in all of these locations, including our conveniently located clinics. As part of your child’s initial assessment with us, we’ll help you consider various treatment locations in the context of your child’s and family’s unique needs. Many of our parents elect clinic-based services for one or more of the following reasons:

The exact causes of autism have yet to be determined, however, scientists and researchers have been able to determine some factors which may make autism more or less likely. We know that genes, in conjunction with the environment, can act together in different ways to affect development and change outcomes. According to the Center for Disease Control, some risk factors for autism are:

A school like setting prepares children for a traditional learning environment

Clinic-based therapy enables our highly trained staff to emulate many aspect of a traditional school environment including group activities, following routines, sharing and building relationships with peers, time away from parents, and staying focused in a noisy environment. Mosaic’s clinics are designed to enable our clients to learn and practice all of these tasks with the support of our highly trained team, setting them up for success when they’re ready to transition to a more traditional classroom setting.

Opportunities to practice social skills with peers

A hallmark of autism is difficulty with or anxiety regarding social interactions. Like with anything, social skills take practice. Our clinics are designed to provide natural opportunities for our kids to practice these skills in a variety of ways including small group activities like circle time, calendar, listening to a story, as well as larger common areas where children can participate in recess-like free play with friends of their own age.

Helps families balance busy schedules and other important needs

For some, work schedules, school events, and family commitments can make an intensive home-based therapy program impossible. At the same time, the evidence is clear that intensive programs result in the best outcomes. Mosaic’s clinics provide a safe and fun place for your child to learn and grow while providing you well-deserved respite and the opportunity to tend to your family’s many important needs.

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